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Paranoid and self image

Individuals with PPD experience a polarity in their self-image; even though their behaviormay be grandiose and arrogant, they are vulnerable to shame and will alternate between the impotent, despised self and the omnipotent vindicated self. Their defenses are activated by individuals with PPD in the service of warding off shame and humiliation. These individuals view themselves as righteous and mistreated and will attempt to enhance their self-esteem through exerting power over others. They fight 'on the side of the angels'. Other people are wrong; they are pure. They are vengeful and pursue conflict with great tenacity, never seeming to tire in their quest for self-vindication; they acquire an inordinate fondness for righteous causes. People with PPD often feel that their own hurt feelings provide sufficient cause for justifying almost any retaliation.

Therefore, they believe that:

  • Disaster is on the horizon.
  • The world is full of enemies.
  • Accidents are doubtful; negative events are initiated by others with hostile intent.
  • All events relate to myself.
  • I am never to blame or guilty (others are).
  • I am different from the rest of humanity, for I have unique awareness and insight.