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About stress

Researchers define stress as a physiological and emotional response to threat. Medically stress is a wide range of strong external stimuli, both physiological and psychological, which can cause a physiological response called the general adaptation syndrome. Though to various people stress may represent different phenomenon, but generally it is the normal, adaptive reaction to threat.

Stress is phenomenon experienced by almost everybody, in various times, as simple as it may appear, stress constitute a potential menace to lives of everyone. Stress might build up from daily hustle and bustle experienced in our daily routine either at school, in office and from personal relationships. These hustles might appear as no issue, but overtime it might build up to cause significant stress. On the other hand stress might be very sharp and quick, in such extremely case, such as losing a loved ones or losing valuable properties in a tragic event and so much more among an array of incidents. Since we know that stress is inevitable at one point or the other, managing stress might be significantly important at every point in time.

When we are under stress our body undergo various anatomical processes, which involves production of hormones and triggering of various actions. Apart from causing many mental disorder stress is also considered as the number one cause of heart attack, due to the intense pressure which various capillaries and veins operate with when under stress.

Content outline

  • Introduction
    • This section provides general knowledge into the basics of mental health. It highlights importance of mental health in the society and basic introduction to the catastrophe of mental illness.
  • About stress
    • Having being identified as the major cause of various mental illness, this section is dedicated to teaching more on stress and various stressors.
  • Anatomy and GAS
    • Before every significant physical event there are enormous level of reaction in the internal anatomy system which produces responses. This section describes various processes that takes place before response to different situations.
  • Impact
    • With millions of victim worldwide, mental illness has caused breakdown in various systems in several communities. Mental illness will also be the second cause of death in the world by the year 2020.
  • Coping
    • With the much danger associated with mental illness and its major cause, it is most important to discuss strategize medium of combating the menace. This section defines various means to combat mental illness at various levels.illness at various levels.