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Mental Illness Project starters

Making projects is very important for the students to make use of what they've learned; it puts the student in a situation in which he has to be responsible as his class depends on him. It helps the students to be more creative and to think actively.

Tips for making a project

Each group should engage in a special project of their own, so each group will be making something different as a final project.

In your project you can use different resources through searching the internet and reading books.

You can refer to the class discussion to show your personal point of view and those of your classmates.

Project ideas

  • Survey
    Try to ask your classmates and relatives about their opinion on a certain subject (e.g. psychological care in your country or society).

    Mental Illness Survey
    We, (Names), are doing a survey to find out the general trend on people's perspective about psychological care in societies. We would be glad if you can complete this survey. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
    Name: __________________________________________
    Question Answer
    1. Do you think there is a high standard psychological care in your society? Yes / No / May be
    2. Do you think taking care of a psychopath is the family's role separately? Yes / No / May be
    3. Do you think psychological care has an important role in your society? Yes / No / May be
    Thank you for taking your time to complete this survey.

  • Interviews
    You can interview a psychological expert or one of the patients (e.g. how to discover mental illness at an early time).

  • Research work
    Can be done to find more information about the discussed topic by using books, previously made surveys and interviews. You can make a good use of powerful search engines like Google or Yahoo. Then you can publish your findings on a web page or make a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Artwork
    Artwork can be done to show your personal opinion and your emotions about a certain problem so that a connection will be made between the topic of discussion and other subjects. It helps you to improve additional personal skills as well. For example drawings, posters, short stories, poems and dances.

  • Visits
    You can make visits to places related to your searching topic (e.g. psychiatric hospitals). Don't forget to have a previous permission from the responsible manager and mention the reason of your visit. Try to interview the responsible for the institution and interview some patients or their relatives. Also you can try to take photographs to illustrate your project.

  • Websites
    Finally you can design a web page or create a PowerPoint presentation that will be viewed by your classmates and other classes.