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Hints for teachers

This page contains a couple of useful tips for teachers.

  • The first important thing you have to take in consideration is the level of the students you are teaching so as to choose suitable points for your discussion, and then you can mange the way of discussion. Having a lesson plan helps you to reach a high standard of education; it helps you to be sure that the goals of your lesson are reached.

  • Making lesson objectives helps you to reach what you want exactly. Your objectives should be clear to check if they were reached or not easily. The objectives are what the students can learn from your lesson (e.g. know the economic impacts of mental disorders).

  • You can start your discussion with a question for instance to make your students more interested in the topic of discussion (see the discussion tips).

  • You can make a connection between your subject and other subjects, like asking the students for a project (see the project examples). And ask your students to work outside the class with family members or friends. Don't cause over stress for the students, but give them the time they need for their projects and refer that you will support them with any help they might need. Also, you can encourage your students by offering an award to the best project.

  • After finishing your class session you can evaluate the objectives you previously made.