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Psychological effects Sudan crisis

Could you imagine losing your family, friends and shelter? Could you imagine facing death everyday?

This is what happened to Zienhbe who lost her family and lives now in a clay house in a camp where conditions are very hard. Her sister was taken by the Janjaweed - they have no idea where she is now. Her mother lives in the hut next to her, but she was also taken by the Janjaweed. Her uncle was killed, her grandmother doesn't leave the camp, her other uncle who is a high raked officer in the Sudanese army is also stuck in his hut.

She cannot forget the images she saw in Sudan. She cannot sleep with the thought that her family members who died did not get cremated according to Sudanese tradition and that their souls are not at peace. And she keeps seeing the images of her people being tortured and killed. She wants to go home, she wants things to change in Sudan so that she, and go back to Darfur in safety.

This tragic experience is one of millions the Sudanese suffer in Darfur. It's a humanity disaster which caused and will cause several physical and psychological problems.

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