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Depressions introduction

Though many people see depressions as signs of personal weakness, since it affects major a persons thought, mood and perspective towards lice per time. Depressions could result in fallen school grades for students, poor relationship among workers and various destabilized relationships, amongst others. Depression comes in various forms, from the most popular one called the bipolar disorder, to the one that comes each winter season, called the seasonal affective disorder, down to the one most witnessed by pregnant women and women who just delivered, called the post postpartum depression.

In this section we have treated these three most popular diseases providing them under various topics which include their symptoms, diagnosis, impacts, case study and interviews on them.


Are you depressed? Fill in the quiz, based on the criteria for depression published in 'Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders' (DSM-IV).

In the past two weeks have any of the following symptoms been present?

1. Do you feel sad or depressed most of the day, nearly every day?
2. Do you show a diminished interest in activities, most of the day, nearly every day?
3. Have you experienced significant weight loss or weight gain, of loss/increase of appetite?
4. Do you experience difficulty falling or staying asleep? Has your quality of sleep decreased or do you need more sleep?
5. Do you feel restless nearly every day, or have your movements slowed down?
6. Do you feel tired or low in energy nearly every day?
7. Do you experience feelings of worthlessness or extreme guilt?
8. Do you have difficulty in concentrating or making decisions?
9. Do you have recurrent thoughts of death and suicide?

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