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Bipolar disorder videos

Overview of bipolar disorder

This video features an in-depth explanation of causes, types of bipolar, diagnosis and various treatments.

Bipolar disorder audio interview

Professor Guy Goodwin is Head of Oxford University's Department of Psychiatry and has been interested in bipolar disorder for a number of years. He has published widely on the topic and is currently one of the Principal Investigators for a large randomised trial of maintenance treatment for bipolar disorder (the Balance trial).

The following interviews with professor Goodwin was conducted for the NeLMH site and has being republished with permission. Requires Real Media player.

Living with manic depression

Dark glasses and kaleidoscopes (1997)
A clear and concrete video that allows viewers into the minds of those afflicted with bipolar disorder. Also contains information from psychiatrists about causes, treatments and the importance of family and peer support.

Suicide prevention strategy audio interview

Professor Louis Appleby is National Director for Mental Health in England and is sometimes referred to as the Mental Health Tsar. In this short interview Professor Appleby was asked about the National Suicide Prevention Strategy which aims to reduce suicide by 20% by 2010.

Multimedia aided case study

Journalist and TV celebrity Monty Don has suffered from depression for a number of years. This short interview features Monty reading a series of short patient-friendly summaries about depression, as well as talking candidly about his own experience of the condition.

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